Hungry for More: F/M area’s best wings

If you’re familiar with the Fargo area, then you may remember the old home of more upscale restaurants such as Norman’s and Redford’s. But now, as you drive by that same location, you’ll see that it has done a complete 180.

Quaker Steak & Lube, which just opened in December, is taking the FM area by storm.

On Tuesday, Forum wing experts Sam Benshoof and John Lamb named them the “best wings in Fargo-Moorhead” and “Hungry for More” host Jim Manney takes us there to see the behind the scenes magic.

Kitchen manager Scott Huson brings us in the kitchen, where we see the many, many wings sauces along with the secrets that make their wings the best of the best

One of the most impressive things we learned was that they make sure every order of wings is brought to you with perfection. They throw out any wings that are broken or have any missing meat.

And while he shows us how to make a batch of medium sauced wings, host Jim Manney takes the daring plunge into their hottest sauce, the Triple Atomic.

Check out the video to see if Jim makes it out alive.