Feel Beautiful by Naturally Increasing Your Energy

Everyone has those days where you just want to sit on the couch and veg out while watching your favorite shows. But what happens when that one day turns into many? When that energetic and fun person slowly starts to disappear? Next thing you know, you’re overweight, feel helpless and unhappy. While many doctors want to prescribe you pills to get rid of these feelings, all you really need is already inside you.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks at Mikey Hoeven’s Women’s Wellness Expo about how important it is to naturally increase our energy and how it will help us feel more healthy, happy and beautiful.

How Our Thoughts Can Change Our Destiny

We know we can’t think positive all the time, and you shouldn’t! But, there are ways you can help yourself to have more powerful thoughts to help you live a more powerful life.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares speaks at Mikey Hoeven’s Women’s Wellness Expo (and has her as a guest helper) about the power of your thoughts and how it can change the way you live your life.

Am I Hungry?

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. If someone sets a plate of cookies in front of you, it’s almost impossible not to have one! But, there is a way to help yourself take the first jump to eat the things you enjoy AND get healthier. Ask yourself, “Am I Hungry?”

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks with Dr. Michelle May, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, about taking that first crucial step toward weight loss.

Accepting Your True Beauty

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but, if we don’t fit into society’s definition of “beautiful” it’s hard to believe you are. It doesn’t matter matter how many people tell you you’re amazing, wonderful and beautiful; YOU have to belive it!

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talk swith Froggy 99.9 morning show host Amanda Lee about the trials and tribulations of truly accepting yourself no matter who you are and rising above it!

Tips On How to be Spiritually Dressed

Everyone wants to know what the “in” styles are for the season. Whether you can still wear that leopard print dress or if you need to buy those neon pink leggings you’ve been eyeing (those are coming back in style you know) But, what a lot of people don’t often think about is how they’re dressed spiritually. That no matter what you wear on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks to The Forum’s fasion columnist and former celebrity stylist Ajit Berg about her personal transformation. Not only does she give tips on what’s in this season, but also how to, more importantly, dress spiritually.

Ribfest: Cowboy’s Tips for Award Winning Ribs

What’s the key to succulent, juicy ribs? Look no further for advice than from the always popular (and equally colorful) Dallas Green from Cowboy’s Ribs.

Dallas and his crew have made it to the Happy Harry’s Ribfest in Fargo for 16 straight years – since the beginning of the event.

Tracy Briggs caught up with Dallas to see if he’s willing to spill all his secrets.

The Secret to Keeping the Passion Alive

It’s hard to keep a relationship fun, passionate and sexy after many years of marriage. With work and kids, sometimes passion is the last thing on your mind. But guess what, it’s possible!

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks to Beast Fitness trainer Sandy Liebel about how after 18 years of marriage she still has a wonderful, passionate marriage and gives tips on how she keeps it that way.

Help! I’m Drowning in my Kids’ School Papers!

It happens to many parents. Your child brings so many things home from school, you’ve never quite sure what to keep for awhile, what to throw and what to save forever.

Professional Organizer Melissa Schmalenberger shares some easy tips with Tracy.

For more information about what to do with all of those school papers, check out Melissa’s blog.