Chris gives John Lamb scientific tips on how to attract women

Forum reporter John Lamb is a confirmed bachelor. So he was a little puzzled when we at She Says TV asked him to take part in a “Happy Body/Hot Life” discussion on what women really want. How was he going to know? But after a chat with Chris he’s up to speed as she gives him surefire, scientific tips on how to attract women. Let’s just hope he invites her to the wedding. Here’s a link to the Psychology Today article Chris talks about.

Are you an “Ice Queen” or a “Hopeless Romantic?”

When columnist Chris Linnares told a few of us at SheSays that she wanted to do a story about turning your North Dakota man into a Latin lover, you could almost see the most Scandinavian of us bristle a bit. That sounds a bit racy, right? One nice woman even emailed her to say our North Dakota men are just fine, thank you very much. But actually, Chris’ intention wasn’t to judge the passionate Latin man against the stoic Midwesterner who can help you with the jumper cables. Rather, she says the goal is to understand if women and their partners are speaking the same language of love. Watch as Chris chats about the topic with two local woman. What do you think?