What to do with all of those old T-shirts

It seems like everytime you turn around someone is giving you a t-shirt. You run a race, you join a club, you give money to a fundraiser. You get a shirt, you get a shirt, you get a shirt.

The thought is nice, but after awhile that shirt drawer is stuffed. Some inventive crafty types make them into adorable t-shirt quilts (We’ll save that one for another day).

But if you have a little less time, LaurelLee Loftsgard has a really fun way to repurpose those old t-shirts.

T-shirt Scarves add a little color to an otherwise drab outfit and because they’re cotton they’re washable and comfy too.

In this week’s “The Great Indoors with Tracy Briggs” LaurelLee walks you through how to make one.

Find a t-shirt (extra large work best, but any size will do)

Cut off the sleeves.

From the cut-off sleeves cut three small strips of fabric. They should be about 6 inches long. These will be used to tie the scarf.

Then cut 9 strips of fabric (about an inch thick) out of the main body of the t-shirt. (Make sure you cut off the seam of the shirt first)

You’ll have 9 circles of fabric. Cut them so they become 9 long strips.

Grab the strips in a bunch and tie them together at the top with one strip of fabric from the t-shirt sleeve.

Divide the 9 fabric strips into 3 bunches and start braiding. When you have the amount of braid you like, tie it off with the second piece of fabric from the sleeve.

Put it around your neck. Tie the final sleeve strip to the two ends to secure in place.

And best of all, you can use the room you’ve saved in your T-shirt drawer for something else!