Last Happy Body/Hot Life blog with a special guest

Chris Linnares is all about empowerment, courage, faith, love and change. She’s spoken about those topics all over the world, in all of her blogs and has interviewed a lot of the most influential and inspiring women in our community. Now, it’s time to take the next step.
This week is the last episode of Happy Body/Hot Life. For this event, Chris wanted her last guest to be someone she admired. Someone she cared about and has helped make her the person she is today. Someone that this community knows well, maybe a little too well at times with the help of some of her columns. The man who swept her off her feet from her native country of Brazil to our ‘frozen tundra’ of North Dakota, Bill Marcil, Jr.
Chris talks to Bill about his transition as publisher of the Forum, what he’s been most proud of since he came into position, what his future plans are for the company and how he not only changed his wife’s life, but she’s changed and inspired his.
Though this may be the last episode of Happy Body/Hot Life, Chris has more new and exciting things on the way. Check back next week to see the reveal of her new show and her new passion to help others on their journey to live the best life they can. She’s going to shape your life!

Growing with Gratitude

Your experiences make you who you are. Whether good decisions or bad, what you’ve done or the things you’ve been through has made you the person you are today. We have a person who believes and preaches that belief and has become an amazing role model. From being Miss Wisconsin, to a Fox news anchor to a stay-at-home mother to founding a foundation helping women to be empowered to be the best they can be.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks with Diva Connection Foundation co-founder Nicole Phillips tells us about her life story, how she’s grown and made peace through gratitude and how it’s lead her to founding the very empowering Diva Connection Foundation.

The Facts of Life and Secrets to Success

Success doesn’t come out of thin air. You have to work hard, be motivated and always be reaching toward your dream. There will be bumps along the way, but you need to believe in yourself and your faith to do well and become a better person.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks to Valley News Live’s Stephanie Goetz  about how the difficult things in her life got her to where she is today and her tips to becoming successful at what you do.

Staying Confident in Yourself and Rising Above the Criticism

Negative criticism is the hardest to deal with. When someone tries to bring you down, the hardest part is trying to remain confident in yourself. Luckily, we have an amazing woman who is an expert on staying strong, confident and headstrong during those tough times and has excelled in her field because of it.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks with Valley News Live’s Stephanie Goetz about how she overcomes some of the negative criticism and how she always stays confident in her work and in herself.

Beauty Shared for a Lifetime

Passion, strength and happiness are traits that any lucky person should have. What’s even more special if you can have that your whole life AND be able to share it with others, and we know an exceptionally beautiful woman who has done just that.

Watch Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares get swimming lessons from 99-year-old Bea Ihlenfeld, Beautiful Woman of September

Shake Your Blues Away

As fun as it may sound, it’s not that easy. In this case, we’re not talking about literally “shaking” your blues away (even though that can sometimes help), but how to get rid of those sad feelings. We’re asking for your help too!

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares shares a fan email and the troubles she’s been going through. Chris explains how she overcame these same feelings and how you can help too.

Diva Connection Foundation

The most beautiful thing you can do is give back. The Diva Connection Foundation’s motto, “Give, Connect, Receive” is an extremely powerful one. It Connects fabulous women who want to Give their time, talent or treasure to strong women who are ready to Receive. Help women help each other become more powerful and transform their life.

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist and Diva Connection Foundation founder Chris Linnares and Executive Director Nicole Phillips tell a little bit about the foundation and how it’s helped shape their lives and how they hope it helps shape the lives of others.