Beauty Shared for a Lifetime

Passion, strength and happiness are traits that any lucky person should have. What’s even more special if you can have that your whole life AND be able to share it with others, and we know an exceptionally beautiful woman who has done just that.

Watch Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares get swimming lessons from 99-year-old Bea Ihlenfeld, Beautiful Woman of September

How to See Happiness Through the Darkness

There are so many beautiful women in this world, and this one is among the top. Irma Ciber has been through what most of us could never imagine. And through it all, can somehow still keep an amazing and positive attitude. How does she do it?!

Happy Body/Hot Life columnist Chris Linnares talks with Irma about her crazy and courageous life story and shares her secret of always staying positive no matter what life throws at you.

“Clowing around” with Beautiful Women Debbie Fowler and the Woman Who Nominated Her

We continue our in-depth interviews with some of the Beautiful Women honored in the Beautiful Women project by Forum Communications

Today we revisit our first Beautiful Woman, Debbie Fowler. She tells us how she smiles through her struggles and introduces us to the best friend who nominated her.

You’ll get a kick out of Jean Arnberg

I’ve interviewed many people in my very long career in journalism, but Jean Arnberg is one of the most memorable. Jean is one of the many women nominated by her loved ones as a Beautiful Women in the Beautiful Women project by Forum Communications Company.

Today, I sat down with Jean for an interview in her home where she told me about playing piano for North Dakota celebrities and what she’s always wanted her daughters to remember.

Make sure YOU nominate the Beautiful Women in your life today, they might be featured in an upcoming story!