Hungry for More: The famous T-Rex pizza

On this week’s episode of “Hungry for More”, host Jim Manney takes us back to Rhombus guys where we take that homemade pizza sauce from last week and make it into an award winning pizza.
Chef Connor Paulson takes us step by step through the making of their “T-Rex” pizza.
The first difference you’ll notice is the use of cornmeal instead of flour when shaping your dough. And don’t get scared by Chef Paulson’s dough throwing abilities, he talks about an easier method that someone who isn’t a 5 year pizza making veteran can do.
With some of that deliciously simple sauce he taught us last week, he just adds some mozzarella, every kind of meat possible, a little more cheese and you’ve got yourself a T-Rex.
You can’t go wrong with canadian bacon, pepperoni, hamburger, italian sausage and bacon all in one bite.