Hungry for More: Baked Brie

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be thinking about what to serve your holiday guests. On this week’s Hungry for More, Mezzaluna head chef Eric Watson shows us a warm, cheesy, sweet filled pastry that puts all other Christmas starters to shame.

With host Jim Manney, Chef Watson uses brie cheese topped with lingonberry preserves to be wrapped in a puff pastry. The combination of the oozing cheese with the sweetness of the berries really bring your taste buds to life.
And don’t worry if you can’t find lingonberries, any kind of preserve or fruit chutney will work just fine.
This dish is delicious, very easy to make and with the lattice design on top, looks as good as it tastes.

Baked Brie
1 brie cheese, small round, with rind
1 sheet puff pastry dough
1 whole egg
2 tsp. water
All purpose flour, as needed
Lingonberry preserves or preserve or fruit chutney of choice
Using the flour as needed, gently roll out puff dough to approximately half its’ original thickness.
Place the brie cheese on the dough and cut dough to fit the diameter of the cheese.
With a paring knife or dough cutter, cut long strips with the remaining amount of dough to be used for lattice work.
Place desired amount of preserve or chutney on top of the brie (be careful not to add too much as it may seep out during baking.
Arrange lattice design over the top of the preserves. Egg wash the parameter of the dough and stretch of the outer edge of the lattice work in order to seal the dough around the cheese.
Brush the entire exterior of the dough with the egg wash then refrigerate until the dough is firm.
Place on a parchment paper covered baking pan and bake in a 400 degree oven fro approximately 12 minutes or until golden brown.