DIY Christmas: Personalized Coasters

Did you know the majority of Americans feel like they spent too much last Christmas? And if last Friday’s numbers are any indication, shoppers are going overboard this Christmas as well.

If you’re not done with your shopping (or maybe haven’t even started) why not consider making homemade gifts? They cost less than store-bought gifts and can be more meaningful because you took the time to make them yourself.

I stumbled across the idea of homemade coasters this summer while visiting a friend’s lake cabin. I noticed the cutest homemade, personalized coasters on the coffee table. They had been simply made from a Minnesota road map. But you can do so much more. And best of all it’s inexpensive. A set of six coasters can be made for about 7 dollars.

Here’s what you need to start:

Six small square tiles found at any home improvement store.

A small bottle of Mod Podge in any finish you’d like: glitter, matte or glossy. (Mod Podge is sold at crafts stores such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby).

White glue

A sponge paintbrush

3 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of felt (color you pick is based on the artwork you select).

Artwork (pictures, maps, etc)

Cut the artwork to fit your tiles. Make the artwork just a fraction smaller than your tile so you don’t need to trim the picture. Place a small bit of glue on the tile to secure the picture. Use the sponge brush to Mod Podge over the picture on the tile. Let it dry over night. Depending upon how you’d like the coaster to look, you can consider putting another coat of Mod Podge on the coaster. Once you’re happy with the finish of the tile, glue squares of felt onto the back of the coaster.

The possibilities are endless on what you can make. Here are just a few ideas:

Geographical: Does your friend have a lake place like my friend? Or maybe they have a favorite city or state. Maps are perfect for this project.

Sports fan: Use photos from the newspaper of your team in action. Pick felt that matches your school or team colors.

Family fun photos: dig into that shoe box of old photos you haven’t put into an album yet and make them into keepsakes.

Hobby coasters: They love NASCAR? Buy a NASCAR magazine and find pictures of their favorite drivers.

Wedding coasters: Pictures of the bride and groom from childhood to coupledom.

Think about your loved one’s interests or passions. Let your imagination guide you. It’s simple. It’s easy. And every time, they put their glass down, they’ll think of you.