What SheSays: Would you consider plastic surgery?

Society’s idea of the “perfect” woman has changed throughout the years, but still is never easy.¬†Women go through pretty drastic measures to try and live up to that unrealistic standard.

One of those drastic measures is plastic surgery.

It makes it so when you look in the mirror, you find flaws that aren’t actually there.¬†Celebrities like Kate Hudson who got breast implants, Ashley Simpson who got her nose done or Heidi Montag who had 10 plastic surgery procedures done at one time make it seem as if having a procedure done to alter your looks isn’t a big deal when they looked just as good, if not better, before they went under the knife.

A few wrinkles, a little extra around the waist, a slight ridge in your nose, all things that make you who you are, are now considered “not perfect”.

Does everyone have these insecurities and what is it that pushes you to consider having plastic surgery?

These real women talk about this real issue this week on What SheSays.