UPDATED: Scotch Eggs: The Tailgating Way – The Great Indoors with Tracy Briggs

One of my favorite parts about working in radio a few years back was meeting some great people. One of the greatest of the greats is Paul Bougie.

Many of you know “Bouge.” He’s quite the man about town. In fact, just about anytime the two of us would go out for a remote broadcast or even just to lunch, someone would know Bouge.

One of Bouge’s favorite things to do, besides driving his Harley and singing with The Front Fenders is Bison Tailgating. Bouge and a group of good friends have been tailgating together for years. They’re part of a breed of tailgaters who kick it up a notch with mobile homes, heaters and cushy places to sit. But most of all these tailgating titans have created a new standard in tailgate food. Gone are the hot dogs and hamburgers replaced by gourmet fare that rivals the best restaurants in town.

So when Bouge invited me out to join the party how could I say “no?” Actually, as a UND grad and a lover of the warmth of my own home on a chilly morning I thought about it, but then my stomach started growling when he talked about his recipe for Scotch Eggs. So I had to dig up an old Bison sweatshirt and find Bouge. I’m glad I did.

A dozen eggs
One package Canadian bacon or Ham
One package bacon – uncooked
1-2 packages of ground sausage – any flavor

Serves 12

Hard boil a dozen egg, cool and peel. Wrap each egg in Canadian bacon or ham – enough to cover the egg. Cook bacon slightly. Just until it’s partially cooked. Do not drain it. Wrap bacon around Canadian bacon wrapped egg. Mold ground sausage around the egg. Roll egg in oatmeal. Oatmeal should stick because of the bacon fat. Wrap each egg in foil and place on the grill or in the oven for 15-20 minutes, just enough to thoroughly cook the bacon and warm the entire egg. You can also deep fat fry the eggs.

*****After initially posting the above recipe, some avid tailgaters wanted MORE detail. So I got back to Bouge he made it even more clear. So here it is: Scotch Eggs in greater detail from: