The Great Indoors: Five Tips for Picking What Kind of Bread to Serve with Dinner

When you have friends over for dinner, you often put a lot of time and energy into planning the main dish – the meat and potatoes. You know you need to serve some kind of bread. But often it’s an afterthought. But it shouldn’t be. Not all bread is created equal.

Today on The Great Indoors with Tracy Briggs, Rob Roberts of Breadsmith tells us why the bread you serve with steak might be different than what you serve with fish, why today is the day to stock up, and a killer new way to make garlic bread.

Here are his other tips for picking the perfect bread:

1) Think first about your guests. Do they like to try new things or are they the traditional sort? Is it an older or younger crowd? Will dentures prevent them from chewing a crusty bread?

2) How intense is the flavor of the main dish? You wouldn’t want to pick a heavy garlic bread if you already have heavy garlic seasoning on your chicken dish. Make sure your bread flavor compliments your main dish instead of competing against it.

3) Plain breads can be dressed up. A safe option is always to pick a less seasoned bread, but dress it up with a flavored dipping oil. Guests who don’t want all the spice can eat the bread with butter. Those who want more flare can start dipping.

4) Different strokes for different folks. Consider two bread choices instead of just one. People like variety even in their breads.

5) If you’re stuck picking a dinner bread, consider bread for dessert. A moist coffee cake can be topped with ice cream and caramel sauce for a delicious way to end your meal.

As part of it’s 10th anniversary Breadsmith is donating the proceeds of daily bread sales from 7am to 7pm to YWCA of Cass-Clay. Breadsmith is located at 1617 32nd Avenue South.