This book tells you what women really want!

What is it women really want? What turns them on? Chris Linnares of Happy Body/Hot Life found a book that spells it out pretty clearly. And it’s not what you might think!

6 thoughts on “This book tells you what women really want!

  1. I like the effort and it is a funny book but where is the “it” girl when you need her….”I am not wearing my glasses” so I can’t see the keyboard to type the rest…

    • Thanks for the comment, but I hate to tell you, when the “it” girl (whom I really like and used to work with) is over 40 she might need glasses too. Have some pity on my old eyes. I’m doing the best I can. :-) Tracy

      • Understandable…the advice and analogies were good and the book is quite entertaining.

        • Hee Hee….but you’ve made me think. Next time I film a segment I’ll have my glasses on me. Humiliating, but necessary. Gee, my eyes used to be so perfect.

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