Are tattooed women getting a bad rap?

Michelle McGee

When the marriage of Hollywood star Sandra Bullock and bad boy Jesse James broke up, many blamed model Michelle McGee (left). McGee told the media she had an affair with James, but often the media made as big a deal about her heavily tattooed appearance as her behavior.

“When your body looks like a dirtbag’s binder from seventh grade metal shop, it doesn’t bode well for your character” – Tina Fey -Saturday Night Live

Is that fair? Can you jump to conclusions about someone’s character just because they’re heavily tattooed?

Some tattooed women say it happens.

The women are professionals, wives, and moms, but they say people often jump to conclusions about them based upon their appearance.

Forum reporter Heidi Shaffer explores this topic in Sunday’s Forum.

She visits with Laura Sefkow, the co-owner of Addictions in Fargo. She also interviewed a female tattoo artist, tattoo shop owner, tattooed mom and a tattooed district court judge. She’ll look into whether a stigma still surrounds tattooed women.

In this video Laura gets her photo shot for Sunday’s story and she explains why she chooses to get tattoos.